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We can help local healthcare investors gain competitive advantage through international cooperation and expand their business beyond borders…

Medicaright is not only an international health tourism company but also a consulting company that facilitates various kinds of international collaboration.

After the health reform in 90s, Turkey’s private health sector developed rapidly and became one of the best in the world when it comes to providing quality healthcare with reasonable prices. So it is not surprising that Turkey has become one of the leading destinations for global health tourism, taking into vast number of hospitals that could combine highest medical technology with high-quality service into account.

We observe that many countries in the region are following the footsteps of Turkey and not only states but also private investors have already begun their own journey on the way to excel their healthcare and attract international patients indeed.

It is natural that this kind of journey would be much faster and successful for the ones who could transfer the right know-how from leading countries.

Co-founder & Managing Partner

  • Communications Faculty – MBA
  • 27 years of international business developmet experience
  • 2009 – 2015 executive positions in Turkish Chains
  • 2015-2020 top executive positions in Turkish Chains
  • ENKA Pimaş, Acıbadem, Koç Healthcare Groups
  • Acıbadem, Regional Manager 2007-2015
  • Koç Healthcare, top executive 2016-2020
  • HERA Healthcare, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, 2020-still
  • Medicaright, Co-Founder, 2021-still

Founders of Medicaright have been in Turkish Private Healthcare Sector for 25 years, have served for leading hospital operator chains and particularly focused on international health tourism for the last 15 years. This well-established experience also provides a powerful network of physicians, healthcare managers and professionals. Medicaright is eager to divert its knowhow to suit your specific needs.

Joint Investments

Introducing Turkish operators who may consider to co-invest in your projects regarding Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, Polyclinics or specific medical service providing centers such as Radiation Oncology, Esthetic, Hair Transplantation etc.


Famous brands of Turkey that you might consider establishing a franchise of it in your own country and beginning to operate under internationally well-known reputable brands

Affiliation with Turkish hospitals

Transferring medical know-how, treatment protocols, medical quality standards, efficient methods of organization, performance and quality improvement tools via Affiliations with Turkish Hospital Chains.

Departmental cooperation with expert Turkish teams

Focusing on just a single medical department of yours and attaining know-how through joint clinical programs where experienced Turkish teams act as a part of your organization.

Flying Physicians

In case it is hard to find physicians to perform certain operations in your country, working with visiting Turkish Physicians who travel to your facility periodically on a specified schedule and collaborate with your staff.

Training of physicians and healthcare professionals in Turkey

Sending your physicians and other healthcare professionals to Turkey for trainings and courses that could be designed exactly to meet your particular needs.

Outsource operation of your medical departments

In medical fields that you are not performing now and not considering to invest in the future, working with a Turkish operator who will undertake the investment load, operate as a part of your organization and share its revenue with you.

Establishment and management of International Tourism Department

For healthcare providers considering to attract international patients, working directly with Medicaright who will establish, train and continuously manage your International Tourism Department and convey your services beyond borders.