Hair transplantation is to carry spill-proof from the nape of the neck, chest, arm and leg hair openings of hair follicles taken from parts of the region. In transfers, the most preferred thing is hair follicles that are at the back of the head. In transfers, there are some differences between men and women. For example, in men, the hairs on the back of the head DHT (dhidro testosterone) hormones are completely insensitive.

Therefore, under no circumstances, hairs will not shed. Hair follicles taken from other parts of the body as specified above don’t have abrasion, shed or decreasing features. Moreover, they can be shed after hair transplantation operation. Therefore, the hairs that are taken from the back of the head should be transplanted and this is more accurate application.

In women, the situation is different. In contrast to men, women have not got poured feature in any area. Hair losss is a common form of loss in women. Therefore, hair transplants made in men have higher success rate than women. The most important factor that should be known is that the transplanted hairs can be shed sometimes due to hereditary reasons. Lately, there is a pretty intense demand for hair transplants.

So, this leads to false information, common errors. In hair transplantation, procedures should necessarily be done by experts. There should be enough hair in donor area, neck of the person that will have hair transplantation in order to be successful.

The advantages of FUE:

- The operation will be performed under local anesthesia, not general one, so the patient can resume daily activates directly after the procedure

- No hard surgical instruments

- Does not leave any scars or stitches on the head

- Completely painless


For those who applied our hospital for hair transplantation firstly get various tests to determine the quality of the hair which is going to be planted. The factors such as the hair density, the quality of the raw material of keratin in the hair, and the durability of the hair is extremely important. By looking at the results, the number of the grafts which are going to be taken are decided. In DHI method, a special tool which is called Choi Pen is used. Hairs are taken and transplanted by means of this pen.

Thanks to DHI, hair is transferred to the new area as ready to grow. During hair transplantation, not only the hair roots, but also the fat that are necessary for hair growth and the outer membrane which provides protection of the root are also transferred with hair. In DHI hair transplant, healing process is shortened.

Operation Time

4-6 Hours


Local or Sedation

Stay at Hospital


Social Life Return

1-3 Days