Avrupamed Do Not Represent a Spesific Healthcare Provider

International Patient Centers of various healthcare providers will naturally promote their physicians and argue that all of their physicians in every medical branch are top-level physicians. Can you believe that one institution might have all the best physicians in each and every discipline? Frankly speaking, there is no such sample in the world.

When you search the internet for international health tourism companies, you will discover that most of them are the “representatives” of the hospital brands. That means they work with one or two brands in general and promote “all of the physicians” of that particular brand, but not other hospital’s physicians who are at least as good as, and from time to time much better than that brand’s.

One hospital can’t have all of the good physicians. Without exception, there are few star physicians and many ordinary physicians. And for sure there are other star physicians in other institutions that compete with those stars.

Therefore international tourism companies who work as hospital representatives, literally “have to” refer you to moderate level physicians if that hospital does not have a star in that treatment field.

Since Avrupamed is not a hospital representative, here we have the privilege to work only with the star physicians, wherever and whichever hospital they are.

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