Experience and Intelligence Counts

Needless to say every hospital says “we have the best physicians”. And each and every health tourism agency argues that whichever hospitals they represent “has the best treatment options”. Too many “bests”… How can all of these be true at the same time?

In medicine, there is no scientific measure to compare the medical performance of physicians with each other. Academic titles such as Professor or Associate Professor are somehow indicators, but they generally target academic performance rather than actual medical competence. From time to time, It is not surprising to come across specialists who are much more skilled than many professors. So there are no magic scales to distinguish who is better…

So how do we identify the best of their fields?

Well, there is no scientific method, but Medical Community has a subjective answer for that. All physicians, nurses, technicians, and other health professionals are naturally “patients” from time to time. When we or our family members are ill, most of the time we don’t directly go to any physician in the hospital that we are actually working. We ask physicians from different branches of medicine, nurses, anesthesia technicians, hospital managers, etc. and when we come across a common name, we take our loved one to that particular physician, wherever he/she works.

So only through intelligence and experience, it might be possible to make better choices and Avrupamed has acquired this know-how after 30 years of experince working for/with major hospital groups of Turkey.

You can be sure that in Avrupamed you will not be directed to any physician whom we wouldn’t refer our loved ones…

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