Rightful Beauty

It's Your Body, You Decide!

Change is Possible

Obesity Surgery

You tried losing weight naturally but without success?

Luckily, our doctors can recommend various weight loss surgeries with high success rates. Get the suitable weight loss treatment and diet plan for you.

Handpicked Physicians

We Represent Elite Physicians and Clinics

We purposely work with a handful of physicians & clinics who have unquestionable success story and admired life-long achievements.

Look Good

Men also need to look vigorous and well-groomed

In this regard, from breast reduction surgery to fat removal methods, from urological interventions to neck and eyelid solutions Avrupamed produces the right choice for you with a wide variety of options.

Experience & Intelligence

Why Avrupamed?

Avrupamed introduces you to the best possible treatment options in Turkey.

Post Partum

Genital Aesthetics

Aging, structural disorders, natural childbirth, and other factors can lead to changes in the genital area. Genital aesthetic surgeries cover a range of different surgical procedures with both functional and aesthetic role.


How Does Our Free Service Work?

Just reach us once. Thereafter Avrupamed will take care of everything you need.

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Get in Touch With Us and Tell Us About Yourself

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Tell Us What You Dream of

We will reach you and listen to you and ask questions to understand your needs. Our aim is to bring you together with the best treatment and specialist that suits your preference.

Send Us Your Pictures, Images etc.

Depending on your needs we need some picture of yours. Upload all asked pictures so we can consult our doctor. Your privacy is safe with us. 

Top Physicians Evaluate Your Case For Free 2nd Opinon

Per every specific treatment, Avrupamed works with a specific network of a elite clinics and physicians.

Receive Your Treatment Plan And Budget With Alternatives

We will try to provide at least two different treatments options

Get Assistance With Your Visa, Transportation And Accommodation

We will help you arrange your flight and the most convenient hotel according to your preference.

We Welcome You at The Gates & Guide Afterwards

You will not be alone. Our team will find you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel/hospital. 

7/24 Assistance With a Multilingual Team Till Your Leave

You are welcomed to contact our team 7/24 for your needs. We will be happy to help you.

Why You Should Work With Us?

Rightful Beauty

Avrupamed Works With a Wide Network of Partners And Also Cares For Your Budget

In Avrupamed, we place great importance on the partners we introduce to you. We pick physicians who have unquestionable success stories and admired life-long achievements. Also one of our main purposes is to give you financially achiavable answers.

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Avrupamed Do Not Represent a Spesific Healthcare Provider

International Patient Centers of various healthcare providers will naturally promote their physicians and argue that all of their physicians in every medical branch are top-level physicians. Can you believe that one institution might have all the best physicians in each and every discipline? Frankly speaking, there is no such sample in the world.

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Experience and Intelligence Counts

Needless to say every hospital says “we have the best physicians”. And each and every health tourism agency argues that whichever hospitals they represent “has the best treatment options”. Too many “bests”… How can all of these be true at the same time?

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Avrupamed Is Not Paid by Partners That Are in Our Network

Partners that are presented in Avrupamed are only here because of their superior medical performance. We don’t accept any payment from our network providers to represent them in Avrupamed.

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Our Services

Avrupamed provides A-Z services 7/24

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Free 2nd Opinion and Treatment Plan

We refer your case to our network

Online Consultancy

We refer your case to our network

Travel Planning

Avrupamed guides you with the procedure

Coordination with the Hospital

Before your arrival, we coordinate with your Physician & related


We organize all transfers among airport-hotel-hospital for free

7/24 Assistance

Avrupamed provides 7/24 assistance in your own language

Patient Advocacy

Avrupamed team tries to maintain a healthy communication


After your return home, whenever you have an issue regarding your treatment, you can undoubtedly contact Avrupamed

Meet Our Partners

Avrupamed cooperates with wide network of specialists and clinics. 
Please contact us for other options.

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Aesthetic Surgery, Medical Aesthetic and Obesity Treatments

Biruni University Hospital

Biruni University Hospital is a fully comprehensive university hospital established with the aim of providing world-class health services and training the health professionals of the future, with the power it draws from education, science and technology.

Avrasya Hospital

Avrasya Hospital, which was designed and built as a hospital from the ground up and is among the few private hospitals with this feature, was put into service in 1999 in Zeytinburnu and Gaziosmanpaşa districts of Istanbul.

Dent X clinic

Dent X clinic, which was established in 2017, has been providing services in all branches of dentistry with its expert physician staff since the day it was opened.

Istanbul Cerrahi Hospital

Since its establishment in 1998, Istanbul Surgical Hospital has stood out in the healthcare sector with its leading multidisciplinary medical staff, patient-oriented team, strong technological infrastructure and broad vision.