The new preference of women: ‘combined aesthetics’ in a single session

Today, those who demand aesthetic operations in order to achieve a proportional appearance on their bodies and faces prefer to have some aesthetic procedures done in the same session. With these methods, known as ‘Combined Aesthetic Surgeries’, more than one problem can be solved in the same surgery. Among the combined aesthetic surgeries, the most frequently applied methods are breast aesthetics-abdominal stretching, arm lift-breast aesthetics, lip-nose aesthetics, liposuction-fat transfer.

The general health condition of the person must be very good

Before combined aesthetic operations, which are generally preferred in disproportionate parts of the body, a very good general health history of the patients should be taken and some pre-operative tests should be performed. The number of operations to be performed and the operations to be combined are determined according to the general health status of the patient, whether he has a chronic disease, and the condition of these diseases. While these surgeries are not recommended for those who are in the advanced age group or have chronic diseases, it is important that the duration of the operation is not too long in smokers, even if they do not have other ailments.

Patients receive anesthesia only once

In combined aesthetic surgeries, the risk is also reduced, as anesthesia is applied only once to the patients. Since each operation will require a longer recovery period, the recovery period of the patients is shortened. Patients return to their work and social lives in a shorter time after the operation. In the process after the application of combined surgeries, postoperative follow-up and care must be done very well. The fact that patients come to their control appointments on time and regularly, and that they follow the instructions of their physicians correctly, also significantly affects the success of the operations. It is also of great importance that these operations are performed by physicians who are competent in surgical terms and have more experience.

What are the main combined surgeries?

– Face lift and eyebrow lift. Face lift and neck lift.

– Breast aesthetics and tummy tuck. Breast aesthetics and arm lift. Breast aesthetics and rhinoplasty.

– Tummy tuck and thigh lift

– Lip aesthetics and rhinoplasty

– Genital aesthetics and tummy tuck. Hip lift and tummy tuck

– Correction of chin aesthetics and bite disorders

– Implant placement and rhinoplasty

– Eyelid aesthetics and application of fillers.