Avrupamed provides
A-Z services 7/24

Our team provides a wide range of services to ease your whole journey beginning from your search for the best option till you arrive back to your home healthy.


Free 2nd Opinion &Treatment Plan

We refer your case to our network physicians who are particularly experienced in the field of treatment that you should have. Unless it is an exceptionally rare treatment, you will receive minimum 2 treatment plans from our star physicians.


Online Consultancy

In case you would like to have a conversation with our physician in order to ask his/her 2nd Opinion about your case or regarding the treatment plan he/she prepared for you, we can arrange an Online Call. If required, free translation service is provided during this call by Avrupamed.


Travel Planning

Avrupamed guides you with the procedure to get your visa easily. We maintain the documents to be provided from Turkey, that ease the Embassy procedures. If you require any guidance regarding arrangement of the flight and hotel, Avrupamed is ready to provide its free service.


Coordination with the Hospital

Before your arrival, we coordinate with your Physician & related hospital staff and make sure all of them are informed about your schedule. By this way, we reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises as much as we can.



We organize all transfers in between airport-hotel-hospital for free so you don’t have to spend on transportation when you are moving for medical reasons.


7/24 Assistance

Avrupamed provides 7/24 assistance in your own language during your stay. Our patients should feel free to consult regardless of it being a medical subject or not.


Patient Advocacy

Avrupamed team tries to maintain a healthy communication between you and the surrounding medical professionals. In case you have a complaint but it couldn’t be resolved by the hospital management, Avrupamed will be there to facilitate the process on behalf of you.



After your return home, whenever you have an issue regarding your treatment, you can undoubtedly contact Avrupamed and inform us about the situation. We will follow and provide full support.